EZ or PRO Designer

Interchangeable between yearbook pages, Senior pages, ads, and user types.


EZ Designer for Quick Results

EZ Designer is built with the light-hearted designer in mind, someone who has their images and text ready and woud prefer to select a pre-made layout and fill it with their content. These layouts can be styled as well for a custom look but leave all the layout customization work out.


PRO Designer for Custom Layouts

PRO Designer unleashes all of YZ Designer’s suite of layout tools so that you can fully harness the power of custom layout design. These tools align themselves with professional desktop publishing applications so that your staff goes out into the world prepared to tackle other complex publishing projects.

YZ Orchestra’s YZ Designer

A mature HTML 5 platform


Customizable, Theme-Driven Designer

No other online Designer gives you this much control!

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Use your Own Custom Fonts

Once your yearbook staff determines your yearbook theme, collect theme-related fonts for use in YZ Designer. We will quickly install them into a custom font category inside your fonts menu for use by staff. Any fonts can be installed.

Custom Portrait Treatments

Your staff can fully customize your portrait designs and set them into various regions of a spread. Portrait panels can intermingle with other page components. Once set, we will use your portrait layouts and populate all school staff and student portraits on your behalf.

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hp c-site

Theme-related Custom Picture Boxes

YZ Designer is compatible with  vector imports. Source your custom picture box shapes for import. Each imported custom picture box can house your images just like our pre-populated selection to emphasize your theme. 

Decorators, Patterns & Backgrounds

In addition to our image and vector decorators, patterns and backgrounds, your staff has direct import access to install your theme-related assets. 

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Working with Layouts in YZ Designer

A comprehensive set, from the simplest to the impressively advanced collection of tools



Never lose your work. Every version of your saved page is automatically stored on our servers. Any staff member can readily retrieve each saved version of a page.



We’ve created smart selection to ease your working environment with options such as select: same color, invert selection, just picture boxes, text boxes, decorators, etc.



Our advanced controls, which you can turn on or off as desired, read your object spacing settings for easy alignment.



We have developed a unique auto layout system based on a page grid. What used to take hours of work is now achieved in fractions of time with incredibly tight controls and fluid readjustments.



Smart scale takes the notion of scaling to warp speed. Intelligent tools engage each object from various specific points of reference.



 An integrated dynamic gap tool allows you to adjust layouts on the fly with precision while keeping the remainder of your layout intact.



Match selected objects’ size and position. You can even match a particular side of an object to another object’s side.



Image and text tools are integrated to work instantly with your page elements in real-time. Inline means that when you are working with images placed into your picture boxes, all image edits are made contextually in place.



Use drafts for play, variations, theme ideas, and general planning and inspiration. Drafts are easily portable to your templates library for mass populating into yearbook pages.



Smart Preflight analysis tools quickly highlight common errors prior to page submission. Every spread is available for proofing and review in three quality settings.



Pages you save can be processed by our AI Coverage analysis engine to report who is and is not present in your yearbook.



Multiple instances of YZ can run at the same time on your computer, allowing you to copy and paste accross them, link external displays, and compare and contrast various documents. 

Working with Images in YZ Designer

Our tools make working with your images and original artwork a breeze.


Integrated Media Management

All images reside on our servers so that your staff can work from anywhere. Further integration is possible with Google Drive accounts linking into your YZ Designer. Each image is processed to create an optimum application performance.


Images Report

Our indexing of images used in your yearbook allows you to quickly see duplicated image uploads or images used more than once on a page. Our multi-tabbed application support allows you to run two instances of YZ Orchestra side-by-side to easily resolve any image redundancies.


Images Monitor

Each image placed into a page layout is monitored for optimal printing resolution output as well as completely filling out the picture box which contains it. 



Before you submit your page to us, use our Preflight tools to quickly identify most common issues related to page inconsistencies and errors. Quick diagnostics point you toward errors with rapid fixes available at your fingertips.


Page & Custom Albums

Each yearbook page comes with its own unique page album. Yearbook staff can create additional custom albums as needed. Images are easily portrable from one album into another. Every image is assigned a unique reference number and our image browser allows for various other image-related options on the fly.



Send over your school rosters and proof the portrait pages once we have notified you they are ready. The rest is entirely on us so that you can focus your efforts on the remainder of the yearbook. Our unique cross-matching system eliminates name misspellings going to print.

Going Beyond YZ Designer

Tap into your favorite image, vector and layout editing applications

Image Editing Applications

Photoshop, Pixlr, etc.

Anything you create in Photoshop is usable in YZ Designer. Create your own artwork, patterns, decorators or typography elements and easily import them onto your yearbook pages.
Should you need it, your YZ Advocate will train you in working with Photoshop and YZ Designer.

Vector Editing Applications


Direct Illustrator File Import

Anything you create in Illustrator is usable in YZ Designer. Create your own custom vector shapes, vector decorators, and even complete page layouts and easily import them onto your yearbook pages.
Should you need it, your YZ Advocate will train you in working with Illustrator and YZ Designer.

Layout Editing Applications


InDesign - PDF - YZ Designer - Print.

Layouts you create in InDesign can be imported into YZ Designer as PDFs.
Our AI will work on these PDFs to analyze student and staff coverage.
This workflow allows you to use a blended process to develop your yearbook in both InDesign as well as in the YZ Designer.
Should you need it, your YZ Advocate will train you in working with InDesign and YZ Designer.

YZ Designer and InDesign

You can import anything from InDesign into YZ Designer or vice versa.

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YZ Designer

Image resolution monitoring

No concern for missing image links

No embedded fonts issues

Remote, online collaborative environment

No installation or upgrades

Inline Preflight diagnostics

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Advanced typography controls

Advanced Pathfinder

Advanced tables controls

Advanced clipping paths

At-school, offline workflows only

No centralized media management

Time spent on yearbook strategy equals rapid book build with our Power Tools.

smart3Smart Workflows >

As it relates to yearbook creation, YZ PRO Designer rivals InDesign capabilities and provides tools which surpass it.
Create your entire yearbook in a matter of a few hours, then populate elements in minutes.
YZ Designer removes some of the hassle of InDesign.