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What makes for a lasting yearbook?



HP Indigo print matches and surpassed offset quality with a thin ink layer that maintains the texture and gloss level of the substrate.

HP Indigo

Sharp edges with no dot
gain and deep ink densities


Rough edges with dot
gain and limited ink densities


Microsphere-based body blanket, eliminating shadow graininess and improving solid areas, making them more silky and even


Superfine adaptive color profile that reduces black color in image flat tint areas while increasing blacks in the more ‘noisy’ areas of the image for improved sharpness


Optimized two-dimensional color uniformity correction, improving cross-sheet as well as side-to-side color uniformity


Full cylinder color uniformity calibration, viewing the two sides of the cylinder as one sheet for a robust and reliable color uniformity correction


Smooth vignettes, enabling continuous color gradation with no contouring areas


7 colors calibration for optimized gamut and color consistency


Sewn books are bound to be archival. Smyth sewing is the only choice for high-end binding and will perform best despite repeated use over the years.


Sewn books open better allowing them to lay flat. This lay-flat quality lets your photos flow uninterrupted over the entire book spread.

Smyth Sewing in Action

Smyth Sewing your Yearbook is Key

Beware of Glue-only Binding!

Books that do not use smyth sewing will begin to fall apart after 1-2 years.

Finishing Options & Personalization

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3 Week Turn-around Time

From proof approval to your school for distribution

One submission deadline.

Zero waste with exact orders.

Printed regionally for environmental impact.


Delivery To School

Books packed to ease school distribution. Each book comes shrink-wrapped for extra protection in durable cartons, noting the number of books in each carton.


Delivery To Student

Individual yearbooks can be mailed directly to students’ homes for as little as $3 per book for receipt in 1 - 5 days. All shipments are trackable.


Customize Delivery

Packing for delivery can be customized to facilitate your distribution goals: by Division within your school, alphabetically by student name, or other useful options.